Wajatryn 2020 on Property Bulls sell to a top of $30,000

As always July to August has been a very busy part of our year here at Wajatryn. Our main line of 2020 Bulls were semen and morphology tested and have sold to new and repeat clients. Paddock Bulls priced and sell from $4000 - $8000 and Registered Stud bulls from $10,000. Great part of what we have been doing for decades. Dealing direct with good cattle people as they, or their agents, select the bulls that suit their businesses, here on our Gayndah properties.

The bull we judged to be the best of this year’s line of bulls and Our Top Priced bull this year was $30,000 Wajatryn Nardoo 3033. Sold to the Hicks Family, Billabong Stud, Moura

Nardoo is a son of Wajatryn Jack Daniels. Exceptional Proven Sire. His First sons sold in 2019 and now 2020 and have averaged $18,000 for registered rising 2 year olds. Consistent lines of paddock sale bulls also with his Stamp of Quality. There are a dozen in our next line of bulls for sale. Daughter’s first calves are dynamite. More of his sons coming through the ranks and available for sale on property and at the March, 2021 Highlands Sale, Clermont.

We are not taking Bulls to the Droughtmaster National Sale this year. Our next line of on Property Wajatryn Bulls will be mustered and drafted from our scrub grower country this week. They will be semen and morphology tested and have all of their vet tests and weights and be available for Sale by the end of October to early November. 24 month old, fully vaccinated, ready to work. We can do your NLIS transfers for you.

You can select from Registered Stud bulls or our regular on property Wajatryn Droughtmaster Paddock Bulls. Bulls for Beef producers throughout the year.

As in past years Warren has kept a line of 25 select weaner bulls here at Wajatryn for a little longer to show those of you visiting us what we will have on offer in 2021. They will go into our scrub grower country with their mates by the end of the year.

They feature our first $55,000 Minlacowie Vinnie sons. Very good lines of bulls coming through for later this year and 2021. See our current Sires page for a few images and info.

Quick Reminder. We have our Covid Safe rules in place for your safety and ours. Keeping our distance out in the fresh air in large open yards.

All the best, from Warren and I and our family.

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