Cows & Calves

All females calve and raise their progeny unassisted in the paddock.

Generations of Wajatryn females have been selected for fertility, mothering ability and good temperament.  

Our cows are 'on their own' and must perform.

Please Enjoy this selection of calf photos. 

Click on photo to enlarge and scroll through the gallery. 

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winter morning
Cows and Calves
cows and calves on track home
newborn Calf
I am here first. my friends are coming
cows and calves on creek bank
Wajatryn Champion females
mum giving me an ear clean
Milky Mouth
Newborn Calf
milky face
love ya mum
cows and calves in laneway
Lordo calf
lathams paddock
gizmo calf
lady is her name
holding paddock
happy little soul
2 calves
calf in grass
Gizmo Bull calf
Kenworth and Mum
afternoon sun
afternoon light
2013 calf in drought