We love the work we do and the business we are in. Over the past 35 years we have established our cattle enterprise and our Home in the Central Burnett, Queensland. See some of our Sales Highlights here.

Our Droughtmaster stud began with little more than a drive to breed good functional and profitable cattle. We both come from families with four generations of cattle breeding experience and were keen to get out on our own and make our own family's future in the cattle industry as well.

We started with only 500 acres and a few stud females in 1987. Our original plan was to breed quality if not quantity. A lot of A.I. in those days. We chose the Droughtmaster breed for the cattle’s ability to do well and meet a variety of markets. Our cattle have been good to us over the years.  Proving resilient and profitable through many and varied seasons.

We have purchased some of the best genetics in the breed, worked them under commercial conditions, maintained comprehensive performance records, and strictly culled less profitable animals.

We now own a number of properties, “Wajatryn” being our Our first and Home property.​ 

All properties purchased are top quality country in the Gayndah area, but with no more than boundary fences and limited water points when we bought them. Over the years we have extensively developed all properties to allow more efficient cattle management, increase production, and use the land more sustainably.

Our motto has been from the start... WAJATRYN BULLS, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK $$$

We have been selling bulls at the Rockhampton National Bull Sale for many years. We have always had 100% clearance and topped the sale in 2010. Second and third top in 2011. We have regularly been in the top selling bulls and vendor averages. Third top in 2015. The bulk of our business is done on property where clients and agents can come and walk through cattle and have a good look at the herd, their preparation and suitability to their own business. Our stud now sells 120+ carefully selected, quality Droughtmaster bulls each season. We also offer select females for sale on property. Our commercial cattle always perform well in competition.

The Future. We enjoy breeding quality cattle. We will continue to purchase quality genetics for ourselves and to provide buyers with as wide a range of genetics as possible. Our most recent purchases have been $30,000 Minlacowie Xian 9130 D4 (PP), $38,000 Redskin Harley and $55,000 Minlacowie Vinne. We will also continue to provide accurate performance information and premium service to producers buying Wajatryn bulls.

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