Congratulations - Continued Success with Wajatryn Bulls

Over the years we have not put a lot of Congratulations or reports up on the success of our Clients ... but this past couple of weeks some of our most loyal buyers of Wajatryn Bulls have once again come up with the wins in Commercial Cattle competitions here in the Central and South Burnett and we feel we want to acknowledge them.

Barry and Annie Gannon have been buying our bulls for over 25 years.

Commercial Producers, now in thier 70's, with their entire lives devoted to breeding quiet, workable, quality, performing cattle. Thrilled to see them win a major trophy once again this year. (they have been doing it for decades) This year it was for a beautiful line of heifers. Best Pen of Replacement heifers across All Breeds. As their cattle are exclusively by Wajatryn Bulls we are naturally thrilled for them. They are also my, Carolyns, parents. Pics on our Facebook page. Great to see them add another trophy to their cabinet.

Mick and Jane Johnson are also repeat, regular buyers of Wajatryn Bulls. They run a very efficient commercial business and have been winning commercial cattle prizes for some years too. Mick and Jane won the prize for Best Pen of Droughtmaster Steers at the Annual Burnett Livestock and Realty, hottly contested, Weaner Show and Sale Competition. Steers were all by Wajatryn Bulls.

Finally, to another very experienced life long Cattleman , Brian Smith and his wife Gloria, have been taking out prizes over the show circuit every year for many years in Prime Cattle Competitions. Repeat buyers of some really topline Wajatryn Bulls over the years. Brian's most recent win was Supreme Champion Exhibit in Prime Cattle. Competition here in Gayndah.

Congratulations all winners in these competitions. It takes a lot of time and commitment to take out these highly contested competitions. Wonderful to see you acknowledged for all that work.

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