Breeding Objective


In any business, the numbers have to stack up.

The Success of Wajatryn Droughtmaster Stud is due to the commercial relevance of our entire business.

Our Females, stud and commercial, have proven their worth over repeated dry seasons. A Wajatryn female must exhibit Fertility Plus, Good Temperament and Excellent Mothering Ability. Progeny are assessed and females retained must meet our strict breeding standards. They must produce a good calf every year, no excuses.


We say they ‘work for us.’    Quality breeders are the cornerstone of our business and calves equal cash.

Comprehensive performance records have been maintained for 35 years on each individually identified animal within our herd. Breeder and sire performance are recorded through to the hook. They must efficiently convert feed to weight and dollars.

Herd selection is based on visual appraisal, natural pest resistance, temperament and genetic history, to ensure Maximum Productivity for ourselves and our clients.

Good temperament is essential within the Wajatryn herd. We have always included our children and now our grandchildren in our business and there is always a small person on a pony or wandering about the yards. Aside from this obvious need to have quiet cattle we all know an animal with bad temperament is a time waster in the paddock and yards.

Finally, if they don’t meet our breeding standards there is always room in the bullock or cull female paddock. Cull animals, male and female, are finished and sent to meatworks.

We cannot afford ‘passengers’ in our beef operation.

Bulk bulls to NT
Trucks lining up
Weaners follow us up fenceline
Quiet consistent. Quality bulls for sale
Commercial relevance
Through all seasons thrive
A beer with bulls at end of day
Quality in bulk bull sales
Stud sale ring
Fight is on
Quiet cattle
We breed the cattle we like to see and work with on our properties
Successful clients
Observation and recording assistant Bella
Our Brand
Ease of Management across properties
Droughtmaster National bulls
Family Business
Love the Work we Do
Granddaughter feeding Harley at Waja