Cattle Management

Quiet, workable cattle is key here at Wajatryn. Ours is a family business run over a number of properties. We cannot afford time spent on cattle that do not have excellent temperaments. We muster with horses and intelligent dogs as well as bikes. We can drive into any of our properties and walk through cattle in the paddock. Ease of management is key.

We continually monitor our breeders. Warren preg tests ...Cows that don’t come up with a calf are culled to a fattening paddock. We keep individual records on every breeder. We record her performance as a dam. If she is not producing calves of sufficient quality, she is culled.

All calves are tag identified and recorded. When weaned they are all weighed and brought to "Wajatryn". We then work them with the horses and dogs, tailing them out in lane ways.

Following all their vaccinations, weaners are distributed to different grower paddocks. We grow our weaner bulls out on bullock country closer to Gayndah. Select heifers are kept at Wajatryn. Steers and commercial heifers go to other grower paddocks.

The bulk of our bulls are sold direct from our scrub grower paddock close to Gayndah. They are well grown but not ‘pumped with grain’. Bulls prepared for Long Working Lives.  We do also feed, depending on the season, winter oats, leaucaena and finish particularly the better stud bulls on 6 to 8 weeks of stud maintenance pellets. It has always been important to us to send bulls out 'ready to work'.

Growth rates and weights, temperament and type are continually monitored. If any animal does not meet our standards they are culled. 

We maintain a clear focus on productivity for ourselves and our clients. 


Wajatryn Cattle. The 'Real Deal' in Performance and Productivity.

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