Current Lead Sires

Minlacowie Vinnie 8817.jpg

Minlacowie Vinnie 8817

$55,000 Top Priced Bull 2018 Droughtmaster National Sale.  It is rare that you get the opportunity to purchase a bull as good as this.  Vinnie at 23 months of age, 926kg.  Tremendous bone, width and scale.  Beautiful temperament, good skin, moves well, structurally correct.  He is a D2 Droughty bull Sired by a classified Brahman bull.  First sons sold in 2021 and topped at $40,000 at Auction and $12,000 on property.  We have another line of his impressive sons to offer in 2022.

jack daniels for website.jpg

Wajatryn Jack Daniels

Exceptional Proven Sire.  In his 6th season now giving us consistent lines of top quality progeny.  Sons at Auction have averaged over $18,700 for registered rising 2 year olds.  Consistent lines of paddock sale bulls also with his Stamp of Quality. Daughters proving productive.  We have retained one son.  Wajatryn Maverick.   Great stats, weight for age, fertility and bomb proof temperaments.  More of his sons coming through the ranks and available for sale on property and at Auction.

Xian lot 65 temp for website.jpg

Minlacowie Xian 9130 D4

Purchased at the CQ Invitational Droughtmaster Sale in 2021 for $30,000.  

Xian has an EMA of 147, weight 1006 kg.  He has tremendous length of body and softness of carcass and muscle we were looking for this year.  Easy doing type of bull.  Has the scale and class we want in a Sire.  A strong masculine head and great skin type.  Broad muscled polled bull.  Beautiful temperament.

trex ava n fletcher mountains.jpg

Wajatryn T-Rex

Retained Sire.  Another Sire who has had a big impact on our cattle.  Sons sold to $37,500 and averaged $22,500 at Auction.  Extremely good doing bull, great temperament, touch of class.  T-Rex is a favorite.  In October, of 2017 we sent T-Rex to his new home, Wetheron Droughtmasters, our Daughter and son in law, Jade and Drew Garside.  We look forward to their results with this outstanding Sire who has had such an impact on our Wajatryn herd.  Sire of the Sales Top Priced bull at the 2019 Highlands Sale.

knox sire pic.jpg

Wajatryn 2335 Knox

Exceptional Young Sire, retained in 2017.  At 21 months his weight was 947kg.  EMA 141,  Rump/Rib 12/12, Semen test 80%,  Nuts 39cm.  Terrific volume and mobility in this young bull.  Polled, broad, sires head.  In a single Sire paddock here at Wajatryn.  So very glad we pulled the right rein and kept this bloke.  Auction Sale sons sold to average $22,000. Sons sold on property from $5,000 to $20,000.  More coming through.  Magnificent Daughters retained.

Sires In Use 1 $38,000, Redskin Harley.j

Redskin Harley

Purchased Highlands Sale, March, 2017

$38,000.  Record Breaking for this Sale.

Given select Wajatryn cows we are very impressed with what he is producing. First sons offered on property in 2020 sold from $6000 to $27,000.  First son sold at Auction was Top Priced bull of the 2020 Highlands sale in Clermont. Harley sons continue to be popular on property selling to average $8,000 this year.   His daughters producing beautifully.  More sons on offer in 2022.


Nioka Pablo (PP)

We are excited to have purchased semen straws in this outstanding Red Brahman Sire Nioka Pablo (PP). 


This standout cherry red HOMOZYGOUS polled bull offers a strong RED BRED genetic package in a well balanced and powerful phenotype. Pablo has a naturally unflappable temperament, stands on exceptional bone and expresses incredible thickness and softness. We look forward to his progeny for ourselves and our clients.

No Pedigree
sires in use 2 Redskin X-Factor.jpg

Redskin X-FACTOR

Legendary,  Leading Sire.  This bull clicked with our cows. 53 Auction Sale sons to date.  Averaging over $12,500.  Sire of $55,000 Wajatryn Devil, Top Priced bull 2010 DN Sale. Also $40,000 Wajatryn Justice, $48,000 Emperor, $36,000 Dynamite.  Countless paddock sale sons and massive impact on our female lines.  Semen retained for in family stud herds use only.  A Sire with the success rate and consistency of X-Factors is hard to find in any breed.

Sires In Use 3  AI Sire Wajatryn Devil $

Wajatryn Devil

$55,000 Top Priced Bull at 2010 Droughtmaster National Sale.  Semen retained for in herd use here at Wajatryn. We have an excellent success rate with this bull.  Have also retained a son.  Wajatryn Knox. At 21 months he was 947kg,  EMA 141, Terrific, bone, depth and beautiful broad polled head. 

Sires in Use 8  Wajatryn Gizmo.jpg

Wajatryn Gizmo

Gizmo's first sons making First Grade and the DN Sale in 2017 and 2018.  Sold so far to Average $12,500.  We have sold quite a few early paddock bulls and beautiful registered daughters have sold to $10,000.  Again that touch of class together with our required, beef, bone and scale. 

Sires in Use 9  Medway Under Ones Nose.j

Medway Under Ones Nose

Sons so far at Auction sales.  Averaged $13,000 and topped at $24,000.  Great strike rate with this bull over select Wajatryn Females.  His paddock bulls always go early.  Great bodied daughters retained. 

lordo best.jpg

True Blue Lordz

Purchased at the 2015 DN Sale for $17,000.  Very happy with the consistency of his Progeny.  Retained entire drop of his first heifers and they have given us a great drop of first calves.  First sons sold to a top of $20,000 at 2018 DN.  Lordz sons have been popular on property too.  Bomb proof temperamemts. 

Sires In Use 6 AI Sire $54,000 Calaana A

Calaanah Abraham

Semen purchased.  AI Sire.  $54,000 top priced bull 2015 DN Sale. 

Sires In Use 10 Medway Scallywag $14,000

Medway Scallywag

Scallywag sons have sold to a top of $21,000.  We have retained a son we just could not part with in 2016.  Wajatryn Jack Daniels. Out of one of our most productive females lines.

Sires in Use 11 Oasis Noddy $12,000.jpg

Oasis Noddy

We purchased Noddy some years back for $12,000.  We have some beautiful cows by this bull.  Sons were popular and sold to a top of $15,000.

Sires in Use 12 Wajatryn Dynamite $36,00

Wajatryn Dynamite

Sold at the National Sale in 2011 for $36,000.  We retained semen in this big strong, well muscled X-Factor son. 

Sires In use 14  Redskin Cheroke $24,000

Redskin Cheroke

Purchased for $24,000.  Cheroke has produced some lovely big maternal females and good number of bulls.  Top Priced son $14,000.  He's a worker.

Sires in Use 15  AI Sire $50,000 Comanch

Comanche Cash

$50,000 Cash has been used as an AI Sire here at Wajatryn.

Sires In Use AI Sire Wajatryn Industry s

Wajatryn Industry

Pictured here at about 21 months.  Industry sold for $37,500 at the Droughtmaster National Sale.  Semen Retained.  We sell the bulk of our bulls every year direct from our properties here at Gayndah.  Industry sons are always early to go.  The natural good temperament that we demand of our cattle. Great doability.  Terrific bone.  Consistent Quality.

sires in Use - First purchased in 2011 N

Huntly Latham

Purchased for $28,000 in 2011, Very consistent Sire for us over the years.  Sons sold to a top of $40,000.  Daughters to $10,000. We have now Sold Latham on to Wantmore Stud.  We have retained semen which is for sale and he continues to be used selectively as an AI Sire here at Wajatryn.

Sires in Use KM Master.jpg

KM Master

Purchased at Roma Tropical Breeds Sale.  Master produces quiet, polled, tidy, good boned progeny.  Sold a lot of paddock bulls by Master.  Retained females producing well.

Sires in Use AI Sire Calioran Denby Purc

Calioran Denby

Purchased 2004 $13,000 (dec'd)  Still used in our AI Programs

Sires In use  Billabong Zebediah $10,000

Billabong Zebediah

We have purchased over a dozen Billabong bulls over the years but this young bull has been a favourite.  Purchased for $10,000 as a 19 month old, Zeb has given us some lovely soft, feminine, females that are breeding on.  Paddock sale bulls have also be popular.  We purchased a brother of his as well that year for $14,000.  No photo as he unfortunately perished in the floods.