2018 So Far and What's Next at Wajatryn

We have enjoyed a very busy start to 2018 here at Wajatryn. This year we sold our first line of bulls as invited vendors at the Annual Highlands Droughtmaster Sale in Clermont. Our thankyou and results ad which went in the QCL pictured here.

Registered Stud and Commercial Paddock bulls also sold on property to New and Repeat Buyers.

Semen Sales have kept us busy, again going to new and repeat buyers. Our listing has been updated here on our website.

We love our work here at Wajatryn but our family also enjoyed a very special celebration to kick April off. Our eldest son and his beautiful new wife were married in a lovely ceremony at Hillstone, St Lucia, Brisbane. Dancing shoes had a workout.

Next on our agenda is Mustering and Weaning for April and May. We are thrilled with this drop of calves by new and proven Sires and welcome you here at Wajatryn to inspect them.

June will see us start selling paddock bulls. For the past 30 years the bulk of our business has always been Wajatryn bulls sold direct to you from our properties here at Gayndah. Whether you are chasing a single bull or deck lots, we pride ourselves on the quality of the bulls we present for your selection here on property.

We will also have our Droughtmaster National Sale Bulls available for your inspection from June. They sell in Rockhampton in September. Cheers for now, Carolyn and Warren and family.

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