Redskin X-FACTOR (D4) - An update on our Leading, Proven Droughtmaster Sire, X-FACTOR.

During the recent BEEF 2012 exhibition in Rockhampton a fellow breeder kindly pointed out to us that, on his breeding, Redskin X-Factor is in fact a rating D4 bull.

We bought and have bred from him successfully as a D3. Sale Progeny averaging over $11,000 and to a top of $55,000. His sons and daughters producing in their turn impressive cattle.

The success of the droughtmaster breed is due to the D system and it's introduction of new and improved genetics. A progressive breed system. X-FACTOR is a prime example of what the introduction of new blood can do to improve cattle. All good cattlemen know this.

All X-FACTOR progeny will now have their pedigree altered to reflect his D4 rating. All sons in this years Droughtmaster National sale will now be rated D5.

The bulls will also be the same consistent quality.....because while we respect the pedigree system it is the end product of a commercially relevant, sound animal, which will make it's mark on the industry, that we prize at Wajatryn.

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