Wajatryn Genetics Deliver - Wajatryn Crown son, $16,000 and Wajatryn Kensington son, $14,000 at Cent

Congratulations to Wolfang Droughtmaster stud for their sale of a 'Wajatryn Crown' son, 25 month old, 875kg, Wolfang 142. Sold to Sam and Jane Barton, Huntly Droughtmaster Stud, Clermont. $16,000, second top price. Wolfang Stud are repeat buyers of Wajatryn bulls.

Congratulations also to Hamadra Droughtmaster Stud, selling Hamadra Bruno for $14,000. Bruno is another Wajatryn Kensington son and sold to Paul and Georgie Connor, Connor Droughtmaster Stud, Morinish, also repeat buyers of Wajatryn bulls.

We wish we could have been at the sale. Great line up of bulls and we plan to be there next year.

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