Semen for Sale - Droughtmaster Sires. Semen for sale in our Top Ten Proven Bulls.

See our full listing on Semen for Sale Page. If you have invested in quality females and an AI Program, we invite you to use the best quality semen, from proven performance bulls.

We will also offer semen in our Sires purchased at the 2012 sales, soon.

Those bulls are listed on our Sires page.

Billabong Zeus (P) (Castletower Jackpot),

Billabong Zebadiah (P) (Castletower Jackpot),

Medway TMC1111M (P)

25 years ago our stud started using predominantly Artificial Insemination as a means of, yes breeding bulls for sale, but also quickly building a quality female herd with genetics sourced from proven herds. That female herd is the foundation of our business today.

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