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Semen for Sale

Here at Wajatryn we collect all of our bulls and store Semen Straws for our own future breeding programs

as well as for sale as proven genetics. Exciting Sires that have proven their worth to our business. 

Sires backed by quality breeding, excellent statistics and growth traits, correct structure, great temperaments.

Listing Updated April 2019

Wajatryn Sires are DNA Profiled, Pompies, Pesti and BJD Tested.

As genuine cattle producers, the health and productivity of our cattle is essential for our business and our clients.

BEEF, Paddock Performance, Fertility and Leading Genetics is our business. 


Straws currently for Sale

See photos and details on all Sires on Sires Page


Minlacowie Vinnie $55,000 Top Priced Bull 2018 National Sale

We have collected several hundred straws for our family Studs use from Vinnie

We are not releasing for sale just yet. 


Redskin Harley ($38,000)

Outstanding progeny available for inspection at Wajatryn

Straws $800, minimum buy 10.  

Wajatryn Knox (P) (AI) son of $55,000 Wajatryn Devil

Straws $500 minimum buy 10,


Wajatryn T-Rex (P)

Sons sold to $37,500

Straws $500 - minimum buy 10

Wajatryn Gizmo (P) Redskin X-Factor Son

Sons averaging $12,500, daughters $8,000

$500 Straw, minimum buy 10 straws.

 Huntly Latham (P)

Purchased for $28,000 – Sons sold to $40,000, Our top priced bull 2017 DN Sale.  Wajatryn Knightly. 

Daughters average $8000

Straws $400 - minimum buy 10 straws


 Medway Scallywag (P)

Purchased for $14,000 – One outstanding son retained in our stud herd. 

Sons sold to $21,000.  Wajatryn Killamanjaro in our 2017 DN Sale draft

Straws $300 - minimum buy 10 straws

True Blue Lordz (P)

$17,000 at the DN Sale 2015 Sons in 2018  

Straws $500 - minimum buy 10 straws

Wajatryn Jack Daniels (P) 

First Sons Outstanding line being offered at the 2019 DN Sale and on Property

Semen not being sold at this time.


PROVEN Leading SIRE Redskin X-FACTOR….


We were sad to see it happen to the old boy but Redskin X-Factor died some weeks after an injury in June 2017... He had always been a bull and a bit of a fighter if opportunity presented itself. 

Remaining Straws have been retained for use by our family Studs only. 

He is a Bull with 'Runs on the Board", rare in any breed.  

X-FACTOR was Sire of 2010 Droughtmaster National Sale Topper, Wajatryn Devil $55,000. 

He is also Sire of Wajatryn Emperor $48,000, Wajatryn Justice $40,000, Wajatryn Dynamite $36,000, Wajatryn Kingston, $28,000, Wajatryn Hellraiser $23,000, Wajatryn Gillespie $20,000, Wajatryn Forte $21,000 and Wajatryn Caesar $20,000. 

His progeny have averaged over $12,500 for 2 year olds at 10 consecutive years of auction sales.

Proven consistency is the key when breeding bulls.

X-Factor sons will continue to be offered on property and at auction.